Kafka-esque experiences with ebay and paypal

Posted on December 17, 2009 by


Did you find that Paypal and ebay sent you round in circles when you complained about a fake flash item? They do the same to sellers who had false negatives left by non paying buyers. They do it to those who had their ebay and Paypal accounts hijacked – see dear-ebay to read the experience of an ebayer whose account was hijacked. Do we trust the protection claims made by eBay and PayPal? No we don’t!!

What should you do if you found you were scammed in some way on ebay? Well, if you bought fake flash memory you should report in to sosfakeflash for a start! You should send warning messages to others who bought the same.

You should make darned sure you get a refund (see advice on the sosfakeflash blog) and you should use every means at your disposal (for example: blogs, discussion groups, putting a warning notice about what happened to you on ebay up in your workplace) – whatever you can think of to warn others.