powerlee8816888 – Sexy Fraud In Fake Flash Memory Selling. eBay Counterfeit Ring XU GANG Strikes Again! Buyers At Risk For 32GB GO USB Flash Drives, 16GB 32GB SD SDHC Memory Cards

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powerlee8816888 eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller is using a new approach to selling false capacity usb flash drives and memory cards. Sexy ladies in their under garments model the items. This is new and unusual in advertising false capacity memory on eBay. We are curious to know your reactions and are presenting the creative art work.

powerlee8816888 belongs to the eBay counterfeit ring: XU GANG. The id’s uncovered so far by SOSFakeFlash are:


powerlee8816888 based in China, uses both public and private auctions. According to SOSFakeFlash, the act ivies of fake flash memory selling are highly organized. eBay id’s have been registered and aged long ago. If consumers fight back to force eBay to suspend an id, they simply switch over to another, almost instantly. No one knows why eBay refuses to acknowledge this 7 year old problem or put an end to it.

FakeFlashNews and SOSFakeFlash both advise all eBay members, avoid making any purchases for MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drives or Memory Cards on eBay. If you do, you have a 95% chance of buying a false capacity memory item. You will lose files and will find yourself visiting SOSFakeFlash for help. Some of you will end up reporting your eBay fake flash memory seller by using their Report A Fake tab.

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Meanwhile, powerlee8816888 has been very creative in presenting his fake flash memory items.


While the model is pretty the true capacity of this item is not. This sexy 32GB usb flash drive has only a real capacity of less then 2GB! It is also the oldest and most classic fake sold on eBay. If you see this item advertised at more than 2GB run, away from a bid!

You may also buy another attractive 32GB fake:


Do you prefer a memory card? The fake flash memory model is happy to distract you with:


If you bought any of these listing items from powerlee8816888:

32GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive 32G Key Thumb Stick T
New 16GB SD SDHC Memory Card Secure Digital 16GO 16 GB
8GB USB Drive Spy Key Chain Camera 8G Video Recorder GO
32GB USB 2.0 Flash Memory Drive 32G Key Thumb Stick O
New 32GB SD SDHC Memory Card Secure Digital 32GO 32 GB

You must not use them. If you do you can expect to lose your files! You need to test them for the real capacity! Read: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives and download the free testing software. The article provides the links.

powerlee8816888 is part of the XU GANG eBay counterfeit ring, do not forget this! If you do, you are likely to be frauded – twice. powerlee8816888 eBay seller id has created many victims and is skilled at getting naive eBay members to revise their feedback. Counterfeit rings are old and experienced, they know how to manipulate buyers. Will you be one of them?


To understand more about the issue of fake flash memory selling on eBay, one of the best reports and reference guides is:

Fake Flash Memory On Ebay Escalates. SOSFakeFlash Status Report 20091031. Fake Memory Cards, MP3 MP4 Players, USB Flash Drive PenSticks. How To Fight Against Fraud.

There are many fake flash memory sellers operating on eBay and there are hundreds of thousands of eBay member victims.

If you prefer to avoid a fake flash memory purchase you may consider the other side line of powerlee8816888 and buy Crotchless Fishnet Bodystockings – they are less harmful.


According to SOSFakeFlash, many eBay fake flash memory sellers often start out selling under garments, especially for Gentlemen. powerlee8816888 prefers to cater to the ladies interested in attracting their gentleman. Combining sexy ladies with fake flash memory in advertising is a new twist for eBay fake flash sellers, what will they do next?