Warning eBay – Fake Flash Memory Sellers Tracking Numbers – Cause eBay Listing Information To Disappear!

Posted on November 15, 2009 by


SOSFakeFlash reports an eBay member lost his transation information from his MY eBay because he clicked on a link the seller sent for the tracking number.

The eBay seller was one of the many recently caught by SOSFakeFlash and eBay members for selling fake 64GB usb flash drives on eBay and is among those eBay suspended in the last few weeks.

I received the flash drive after 3 weeks. The seller sent me a link for the tracking number, it was: XXXX DO NOT OPEN IT! I have a feeling that it was a cracking site, because after I opened it, the transaction disappeared from my Ebay! I do not added any information, (password, etc) because that page is in Chinese only! Thus I was not able to give any feedback for that bastard from Hong Kong!

Note: for reader protection FakeFlashNews is not publishing the url address and has replaced by XXXX.

If you receive any emails with url tracking information, for an eBay seller based anywhere in the orient, becareful! Do not click on the site address. Instead highlight it, copy paste into google or any other internet search browser that uses browser protection. Research the url address first. You may wish to disable java script execution in your browser temporarily.

Should you click on an url for tracking information for a seller and then discover the listing disappears from your MY eBay list, report it immediately to eBay. Do not delay. If your transaction concerns a flash memory seller on eBay report in to SOSFakeFlash. Contact other buyers for the seller where this occured and warn them about the disappeared listing information and also advise them to test the capacity of the item purchased.

According to SOSFakeFlash the battle to free eBay from fake flash memory sellers is becoming ugly.

More sellers are being caught and they are fighting back any way they can. SOSFakeFlash continues to advise eBay members not buy any flash memory products on eBay, 85% to 95% of all usb flash drives, memory cards and mp3 mp4 players are fakes – false capacity.