eBay Fake Flash Memory Counterfeit Ring – Chung Tic Yan (Carol-World,cx0010,mobystore). How eBay Allows Fraud At The Expense of Members.

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eBay, is it a safe place to buy? No. Not if you wish to buy flash memory technology such as mp3 mp4 players, memory cards for your digital camera, or usb flash pen drives to store your data. The probability that you will receive the advertised capacity is currently estimated by SOSFakeFlash to be less then 5%.

Are you willing to face a 95% probability that you will bid and buy false capacity memory items? Risk losing your files? That is what happens when you buy a fake, you lose your information.

Most members do not know that scam artists on eBay who sell fake memory are organized. Often many id’s are in a counterfeit ring.

FakeFlashNews frequently publishes the investigations from SOSFakeFlash on counterfeit rings. One of the most disturbing things found in SOSFakeFlash’s forensic reconstruction of seller id history is that eBay seller id’s which eventually become fake flash sellers, been prepared long ago! The id’s bid on each others merchandise in their infant stage to boost and preserve positive feed back. Then they are put to sleep, to lie dormant, awaiting their turn at fake flash selling.

The latest counterfeit ring detected by SOSFakeFlash is called Chung Tic Yan. This ring does not appear to have the followed the usual careful preparation to age id’s. Instead the eBay seller ids appear micro waved. They spring up quickly and are killed by eBay members. It matters little, Chung Tic Yan will simply fast track a new id. Currently three ids belong Chung Tic Yan, Carol-World, cx0010, mobystore.


carol-world Ebay Fake Flash Memory Seller Alert – Hong Kong. The reincarnation Of eBay Fake Flash Memory Seller mobystore – When Will eBay learn?


mobystore Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert – China – Hong Kong


cx0010 Ebay Fake Flash Seller Alert – Hong Kong

The id carol-world is heading for a collapse and is expected to be suspended very shortly by eBay. When this happens, hundreds of eBay members who purchased from carol-world will be left stranded. eBay will remove the sellers listing and consequently hide the evidence – again.

This practice of removing the listings for fraudulent sellers, allows counterfeit rings such as Chung Tic Yan to flourish.

Why? It does not protect eBay members but the fraudulent sellers. Their wrong doing has been removed from public inspection. If eBay contacted the victims to warn them and refund them, things would be different, the removal of the listings would not have a negative impact on members. The eBay id, carol-world has frauded more than 650 buyers.

Who wins? The fraudulent sellers and eBay.

Who loses? eBay members who trusted in eBay to make it a safe and secure place to buy.