eBay Kingston DT150 64GB DataTraveler Counterfeits Escalating. SOSFakeFlash Advises Avoid eBay For DT150!

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There is a surge in Kingston DT150 64GB counterfeits being sold on eBay. DT150 32GB is also implicated. Most listings are eBay sellers based in the Orient but not all. Not only are they “counterfeited” but these usb flash drives contain flash memory chips altered to lie about their real capacity and use grade C and D quality flash memory chips.

Unlike previous Kingston DT150 counterfeits sold on eBay, many of the current fakes have a disturbing difference.

Greater emphasis has been placed on duplicating the genuine Kingston packaging – blister packaging complete with serial numbers for validation.

Earlier most counterfeit Kingston DT150 sold on eBay came in low quality snap packaging, not blister pack. Blister packaging is completely sealed and usually means a wrestle with sharp scissors to open.

As SOSFakeFlash continues to battle with the aid of eBay victims against fake flash sellers, these sellers are changing tactics. Hong Kong was the shipping location for false capacity usb flash drives. With law enforcement in Hong Kong more vigilant some sellers have switched. Instead of shipping from Hong Kong, they are now shipping from Singapore.

Kingston DT150 64GB counterfeits on eBay have been traced to a new ring that is shipping directly from Singapore. The near perfection of the packaging makes it almost impossible to spot the counterfeiting, not until the packaging is opened and the usb flash drive is tested. A manual eye inspection based on packaging is no longer sufficient to spot the counterfeits. These near perfect fakes (with false capacity) are being sold on eBay.

SOSFakeFlash advises that consumers do not bid or buy any Kingston DT150 64GB or 32GB usb flash drives on eBay (unless the seller can be validated by Kingston Technologies as an authorised reseller).

Time is needed for Kingston Technologies to intensify their investigations and order eBay to shut down these fraudulent sellers. Unfortunately according to SOSFakeFlash, those involved list massively for a few short weeks, selling 1,000 to 2,000 units before disappearing or being suspended. Bid and “Buy Now” pricing is usually an indicator for these fakes but not always. You are advised to purchase from a local retailer with a solid reputation or directly from a Kingston Technologies website.

Little information is available as to how the near perfect replication of genuine Kingston packaging came about. It is disturbing. In the interest of protecting your data, do not buy any Kingston DT150 64GB or 32GB usb flash drives listed on eBay.

If you have any leads or information on how the blister packaging got into the wrong hands, please contact Kingston Technologies. If you purchased a DT150 64GB or DT150 32GB fake from an eBay seller that is a counterfeit and came in blister packaging please contact Kingston with the details you have.

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