upcomingtrend 16GB Fake Memory Pen Drive eBay Seller Suspended After 6 Months Frauding Buyers

Posted on October 16, 2009 by


upcomingtrend has been suspended after 6 months of fraud on eBay! In recent weeks victims and volunteers have been contacting eBay members to test their usb flash drives purchased from this seller. upcomingtrend attempted to pad his feedback by selling cheap stylus often at prices from .01 to .10 US with free shipping from the negatives arriving from victims. SOSFakeFlash asked that people begin buying the stylus to starve his feedback. upcomingtrend retaliated by switching to private auctions to hide the false capacity usb flash drives he was selling. It did not help. eBay members saw to that. The fraud is estimated to have surpassed $100,000 US.

Upcomingtrend is part of the master counterfeit Ring operating on eBay under the Don Of Fake Flash – 3totrade.

If you bought any flash memory items from upcomingtrend please test and report in to SOSFakeFlash. Also file an immediate dispute with PayPal – you have no time to lose!



There is a strong possibility that this seller id will attempt to return to eBay within 3 months. upcomingtrend has a high score and will most likely attempt to salvage it once information on eBay listings disappears after 60 days.