battery.king888 Did You Buy Any Flash Based Memory Products From This Seller?

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Did you buy a 64GB Leather Flash Memory Pen Stick Thumb Drive advertised as made in Japan from battery.king888? Or a SONY 16GB Memory Stick PRO DUO Mark2 MS Card CyberShot memory card?battery.king888 sold:

3916 3915  

Please test any usb flash drive or memory card from eBay seller battery.king888 to ensure you received the advertised capacity. See: H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives for testing information and where you can find the software to download.

If you discover you have purchased a fake (false capacity) usb flash drive from battery.king888 please report your fake to SOSFakeFlash immediately at:Report A Fake .

If you did receive the advertised capacity SOSFakeFlash would like you to report in as well usingThe Report Tab so they can validate the eBay seller’s claims – the same information is required including the test results.

The issue for false capacity mp players, usb flash drives and memory cards on eBay is a very serious problem and is over 5 years old. FakeFlashNews asks that buyers test any flash memory items purchased on eBay prior to using for storage of any data to prevent potential data loss. SOSFakeFlash is also actively looking for eBay sellers that sell true capacity. They have very few eBay sellers on their safe seller list. Everyone is looking for honest sellers and they seem hard to find! See Safe Sellers.

Everyone on eBay is trying to find Genuine sellers! Please test the item you bought on eBay and report in to SOSFakeFlash! Help the FrankenFlash Project to find the genuine sellers and also to issue consumer alerts against any seller who sells false capacity memory flash based technology on eBay.

Consumers need help! Share your experience.