SOSFakeFlash – Request To Honest EBay Sellers In The Orient For Flash Memory Chip Products – Memory Cards, MP Players, USB Flash Drives

Posted on September 15, 2009 by


SOSFakeFlash is asking honest eBay sellers in the Orient to take action against fraudulent eBay sellers operating in this region.

According to SOSFakeFlash:

There are honest sellers on eBay in the Orient, but they are also being frustrated, finding it difficult to do business. They offer genuine capacity at fair prices, but it appears that eBay members keep running to line up at the table of the fraudsters.

Attempts to educate the buying public do exist on eBay. SOSFakeFlash is asking for this to increase. It is the most effective method to fight back. The message must be where the goods are sold. eBay buyers do this already.

According to SOSFakeFlash, honest sellers on eBay in the Orient have had enough. They are angry, the reputation of Hong Kong and China being damaged by the corruption and fraud the other seller id’s engage in. SOSFakeFlash prepared this Special message:







All eBay buyers and honest sellers must join together. Both fighting against this problem, each in their own way. It is very important that people understand the true cost of flash memory products so they will pay the fair prices. A fabulous price, leads to a fabulous fake on eBay. It can also lead to data loss and much heartache and sorrow.

SOSFakeFlash has observed some positive action by honest eBay sellers attempting to reclaim their right to sales. Please continue!

SOSFakeFlash requests the honest sellers refer buyers to SOSFakeFlash, so they can learn the truth. At this site, buyers can see the long lists of fraudulent sellers operating on eBay and learn a valuable lesson – You Get What You Pay For ! SOSFakeFlash believes buyers on eBay need re-education.

The FrankenFlash project has received communications that many nand flash manufacturing facilities do not want to sell reprogrammed chips, politely called “Upgrade”.

These manufacturing Fab’s must produce. Importers often demand prices that are unfair. These importers refuse reason. They are greedy. Therefore many manufacturers accomadate unreasonable importers, by compromise, “upgraded chips”. So it is the buyer who buys from the importer who pays the ultimate price. Data files disappear.

So buyers, consumers must learn the real cost for flash memory. If they do not receive it they will buy items from fraudulent sellers! Only when buyers understand true costs, will they learn to pay fair prices. Help educate! Stop greed. Receive fair prices for your items. Do not let fake flash sellers destroy your honest business!