Buy A Kingston DT150 64GB Or 32GB DataTraveler At Best Internet Price!

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You can buy a Kingston DT150 64GB usb flash drive for only £19.99! Why pay more? Also offered, DT150 32 usb flash drive for under $25 US. Shipping is worldwide and is free. There are no charges for postage and packing. Why pay more?

These Kingston usb flash drives are among the best counterfeits offered. They look like real genuine Kingston DT150 flash drives from a distance. Why pay so much for a genuine usb flash drive when you can own one that looks like the real thing and costs so much less!

For sale on eBay, the price is great! Who is the seller offering these fantastic prices? chenggong1881



You will lose your data if you store your files on these false capacity Kingston DataTraveler DT150’s. Unfortunately the price is just too good and eBay members are lining up to buy them.

Kingston Technologies is monitoring eBay along with members of the the FrankenFlash Project. Together they have been forcing eBay to remove suspect listings at ridicules prices from unauthorized resellers.

chenggong1881 knows this and is very careful not to mention Kingston in the listing titles. In fact for the DT150 64GB, there is no mention of the model number DT150 anywhere.

chenggong1881 advertised as:

NEW High-Quality 64GB USB 1.1/2.0 Flash Drive

Now you can store, carry and transfer files quickly in an affordable, convenient device. The DataTraveler from helps budget-conscious users break storage barriers, allowing you to easily store and move files in a device no bigger than a pocketknife.

As easy as click and drag, the DataTraveler can hold just about any file you can think of – reports pictures, spreadsheets or other important documents. It works with virtually any device with a USB port – even cross-platform from Macintosh to PC and vice versa. The DataTraveler also makes a great promotional item for your organization; it’s simple to add your logo to increase brand-recognition, and it comes in multiple colors based on capacity.

Backed by a five-year warranty and legendary service and support, the DataTraveler is a reliable, inexpensive solution for carrying files or your next promotion.

Capacity 64GB
Compliant Designed to Hi-Speed USB 2.0 specifications
Convenient Pocket-sized for easy transportability
Simple Just plug into a USB port
Practical Stores cap securely on end of device to prevent loss of cap
Product may differ from the image show due to a variety of designs


Clever is it not? Usually sellers make it a point to list the model and boast about what they have to offer! Since brand names have begun to patrol eBay for their flash memory based products fraudulent sellers have been forced to adapt. They understand search engines and querying and are now making sure it is much more difficult to spot their listings.

Recently we reported that fake flash sellers are changing how they list – this behavior change is mostly in Hong Kong and China. The sellers sell other inexpensive items they would rather not sell, to help balance and pad their feedback scores against negative feedback torpedoes from eBay buyers. If the score dips too low, sellers can be suspended by eBay for “poor performance”. These are also reducing the number of their listings and switching to “Buy Now” auctions. It allows eBay to think fake flash listings are decreasing.

SOSFakeFlash has been studying the behavior of fake flash sellers for a long time. They continue to adapt, resisting every attempt to prevent them from selling false capacity memory items.

chenggong1881 is currently still listing but could be suspended very shortly. A buyer of chenggong1881 has reported in to SOSFakeFlash.

It appears Kingston Technologies will have to monitor eBay more closely. Those who intent to offer counterfeit versions of their memory based products are becoming even more clever at evading detection.