yaya0331 eBay Seller Connected To Lee Kin Ming Counterfeit 32GB Memory Cards On eBay – H2testw Test Results – SOSFakeFlash Reports Escalation In Memory Card Fraud On eBay

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Test results for fake memory cards can vary widely. While the sticker on the card may look the same, a fake flash seller can use cards with different flash chips inside. Outside they look alike, inside is another story. When it comes to fake memory cards, what really matters is the fact that they have been digitally altered to lie about their true capacity. Most people think this means the card is defective. It is not, the reported capacity has been altered and that is why so many people lose their photo’s or can’t get a memory card to format properly in their camera.

eBay seller yaya0331 belongs to the Lee Kin Ming counterfeit ring operating on eBay. SOSFakeFlash has seen this fake 32GB Memory Card pop up in a lot of listings in the last three months. As soon as eBay victims manage to shut down one of the id’s a new one appears to sell the exact same card.

SOSFakeFlash has provided us with a status update on the fake memory card situation on eBay, it is not good news.

Most of these 32GB memory cards are extremely poor quality as the test results below show.

yaya0331-Fake SDHC Card ebay 1

It seems that factory rejects are being recycled, reprogrammed to lie about their size and end up being sold on eBay to unsuspecting buyers.

The prices they can command, are both high and low. The fake size does play a factor in bid and buy price, but not always. These memory cards are dangerous to use. They cause people to lose their precious memories. So far, time machines do not exist, so victims can not go back to recapture the moment that meant so much to them.

The fake memory card problem on eBay continues to escalate. It is a hot seller and fake flash fraudsters know this. In less then a few weeks they can dump more than 2000+ units and run away with sale of more than $40,000 US.

eBay eventually suspends most of them, removes listings and strands victims with little reference information to consult. SOSFakeFlash calls this “hiding the evidence”. The FrankenFlash Project struggles to preserve it, to document that there is a serious problem of fraud occurring on eBay for false capacity memory cards.

Victims are also documenting and sending in additional evidence to provide a permanent record.

SOSFakeFlash warns:

Do not buy any memory cards on eBay, unless it is a brand name and is being sold by an authorised reseller of the brand name. The risk of acquiring a fake is just too high at the moment. Any card size above 2GB is to considered suspect. It should be tested for genuine capacity verses advertised capacity prior to being used to take photographs.

Be a smart consumer. Test before using a memory card purchased on eBay. Don’t look for super bargains and low prices, it only leads to heart ache and money loss.

To learn more about the counterfeit ring and the id’s involved so far: