eBay Scams – How Fraudulent Sellers Try To Fight Back Against eBay’s Seller Ratings To Avoid Suspensions

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eBay Sellers who sell fake (false capacity) MP Players, memory cards and usb flash drives are trying a new technique to out run frauded buyers on eBay. SOSFakeFlash is calling it the “Mix” – it is a new way to try and beat eBay’s system.

When sellers on eBay engage in fraud, buyers have one very strong weapon – negative feedback. It lowers the sellers score and it can earn them a suspension from one to three months. eBay doesn’t do much more than that. They don’t remove these scam artists for good.

The FrankenFlash Project is in full scale battle against sellers of fake capacity nand based technology on eBay. Too many people are losing their data files.

The European branch has been able to contain and minimize the impact of local eBay sellers listing these items on eBay. Many have been contacted and warned to test their wares. The international branch is assisting in the other geographical regions.

The FakeMemorySentinel group has been extremely effective in having sellers who sell counterfeit brand names, detected. They are currently reporting these listings on eBay directly to the brand companies who in turn force eBay to remove them – immediately!

SOSFakeFlash reports that the biggest problem continues to come from eBay sellers based in the Orient. They are the volume sellers of fake usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards. They are also very aware of the Project and the internet sites.

Victims report small fraudulent sellers in the Orient, refund quickly and plead with the frauded buyers not to leave any negative feedback. They do not want to appear in an alert or end up on the famous eBayer Fake Flash sellers list.

Powersellers of fake flash have different approaches. They have adapted to the ongoing war to get rid of them. Many have switched to private auctions. These are auctions that hide the eBayer’s id and once the member leaves feedback, the description of the item and the ebay item number disappears. It allows a seller of fake flash to continue selling longer, but they do get found out and suspended. SOSFakeFlash and victims have adapted as well – making sure to leave precise details on the item purchased in feedback to uncover what the seller attempts to hide.

So what is the “Mix”?

Previously eBay sellers who intended to engage in fraud, would build and groom their army of id’s by selling very cheap inexpensive items to build up a strong positive feedback score to increase consumer confidence. Once the score is high, they pedal their real intended wares: false capacity usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards. Considerable effort is spent on preparing the id’s, but it is no longer working. Feedback ratings show the month and once victims report to SOSFakeFlash, the negatives pour in.

To learn more about how sellers prepare and groom id’s read: eBay Fake Flash Sellers Of MP Players – USB Flash Drives – Memory Cards – About Their IDs

The mix is the current solution these ebay sellers are experimenting with. The sellers make sure to continue listing very inexpensive items along with their fake flash wares. This way they will be able to keep a buffer against frauded eBay members, who leave negative feedback. In some cases they sell in the same category (technology) but in others cases they will sell beads, cheap jewelry and even sexy underwear.

The mix is a clever approach for fake flash sellers in the Orient. They are hoping to beat eBay once again. They are quiet skilled at finding and exploiting every loop hole they can find. Will eBay catch on? Perhaps, only eBay is bound by the rules they have set and since suspensions are based on overall feedback and not within categories they will have little leverage to stop these sellers. Unless….eBay learns to adapt in fighting fraud. Are they able?

For SOSFakeFlash, the “Mix” means little. If there is evidence that a seller sold false capacity items they will find an internet alert published against them and they will be placed on the list. In June, 2009 SOSFakeFlash introduced a zero tolerance policy. They report having no choice given that eBay would not take change and introduce new rules for listing mp players, memory cards and usb flash drives on eBay.

During the past six months, rather than decrease, the problem continues to escalate on eBay. eBay however, according to SOSFakeFlash has improved in suspending fake flash sellers when victims report and when the Project provides concrete evidence for public viewing.

FakeMemorySentinel has observed that eBay took action against many young eBay id’s being “groomed” as replacements for id’s recently suspended. It is easier for eBay to terminate the hatchling id’s. The Project sees this as a positive action on the part of eBay. It is worrying the powerseller id’s. They can not afford to lose their powerseller id’s with such high feedback scorces or them or have them suspended if there are no replacements waiting to transition over to.

The solution? Enter the “mix”. Inject a balance buffer of trivial items to allow their feedback scores to take the incoming torpedos from frauded buyers.

The FrankenFlash Project is curious to see what eBay will do about this for confirmed fake flash sellers. Will they allow these sellers in the Orient to fight back against eBay’s seller ratings to avoid being suspended?

If you are a victim of an eBay powerseller in the Orient, can you do something? Absolutely!

Visit the SOSFakeflash site at: http://sosfakeflash.wordpress.com/ .

See their report a fake tab and send in your information. Read some of their current alerts to see what you could leave in feedback, especially for a fake flash seller who uses private auctions. You will find these sellers under a category called “devious”. If the seller is still selling the item you bought, report the listings to eBay, one by one. You might think this is a lot of work, but consider this, some members on the Project are entering their 20th month of continuous duty. They don’t get paid. They are all volunteers.

A lot of victims report that they actually “feel better”, when they warn other members, or report the sellers and fight back. No one likes to be a victim of fraud, powerless. The list of fake flash sellers exists at SOSFakeFlash because victims took action. The advice and guidance at the site – all contributions made by frauded buyers to help their fellow victims. There is even an active bulletin board on how to fix these items and InspectorTech has a site of known solutions.

The mix, is the latest tactic being used by eBay sellers in the orient. It is just another attempt to continue frauding on eBay. The techniques change. eBay will probably adapt, so will victims along with the FrankFlash Project.

Perhaps some day, it will be safe to buy usb flash drives, mp players and memory cards on eBay. Right now, it is the last place you should consider buying them. SOSFakeFlash currently estimates your probability of acquiring false capacity is more than 95%. Avoid a nightmare and joining a long line of victims. Do not bid, do not buy these items on eBay. Pay a little more and buy from a local dealer who is reputable. Never buy a brand name on eBay unless it is from an authorized reseller.

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A smart consumer, is an informed consumer!