Biggest USB Flash Drive In The World! Kingston Technologies Releases DT300 256GB USB Flash Drive To Market.

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Kingston Technologies has just released the biggest usb flash drive in the world – 256GB. The DataTraveler 300 offers the highest capacity yet for a usb flash drive. It is currently only available the Far East, Europe, Middle East & Africa.  Presented for your inspection, the DataTraveler DT300/256GB.

Read: Kingston’s press release of July 20th, 2009

Visit the Kingston site to inspect this new usb flash drive line:

DataTraveler 300

We are presenting photos of this new usb flash drive for your inspection. The current list price for the DT300 256 GB is over £600 pounds. Do not expect to find this usb flash drive offered anywhere for much less. It is the only 256GB flash drive on the market, it is also the only Kingston usb flash drive that offers this capacity. When in doubt about a usb flash drive model that carries the Kingston brand name, please visit a Kingston Technologies website!

In June 2009, FlashDrive Facts announced: Kingston Technologies Releases DT200 128GB USB Flash Drive To Market , the DT200 to be the largest available usb flash drive on the market. The DT300 is now the largest available usb flash drive and is only available in select regions of the world.

Do not buy the DT300 Datatraveler usb flash drive from any site or retailer that is not an authorized Kingston Dealer. When available at Kingston websites you should strongly consider buying directly from them to gaurantee you receive a genuine article and not a counterfeit or false capacity item.

Kingston is working very hard to bring new technology to market. They are moving forward with lightening speed. Unfortunately there are always opportunists and fraudsters waiting in the wings to try and cash in on Kingston’s efforts. See the images being presented to help you identify the new drive.

Should you see anyone attempting to abuse the DT300 DataTraveler brand, please contact Kingston Technologies immediately! The groups in the FrankenFlash Project are actively assisting Kingston to detect and shut down fraudulent sellers. No, we are not employed by them, we are all volunteers at the confederation of sites, determined to put an end to false capacity nand based technology being sold around the world.

Once again, Kingston is ahead of the pack in releasing new technology!

Do not expect that you will find latest genuine technology from Kingston in usb flash drives for sale at some wholesaler site in the Orient, you will only end up with a lot of counterfeit and false capacity stock. If you sell such items on eBay and are discovered – you may find yourself on the honour roll of eBay fake flash sellers listed at SOSFakeFlash. When in doubt, write to Kingston and ask them about the site you are considering buying from. Be safe! Earn honest profit.

The DT300/256GB usb flash drive from Kingston Technologies:

Top ClosedDT300/256GB

DT300 256GB top closed

Top OpenDT300/256GB

DT300 256GB top open

Angle ClosedDT300/256GB

DT300 Angle 256GB closed

Please notice the “thickness” of this usb flash drive. Do you know why? There are a lot of flash drive storage chips inside to give you the 256GB capacity.

Angle OpenDT300/256GB

DT300 Angle 256GB open

Back ClosedDT300/256GB

DT300 back closed

Back OpenDT300/256GB

DT300 back open