Massive Ebay Fraud Memory Cards – Counterfeit Ring Ehong Xuxin China And Hong Kong – Sellers zjlee08 – fengfeng_joy2008

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SOSFakeFlash had uncovered a new counterfeit ring on eBay selling fake memory cards. The false capacities are 16GB and 32GB. Generic and Transcend 32GB Fake memory cards have been sold to unsuspecting eBay buyers.

Update July 24th, 2009. fengfeng_joy2008 has changed his id name to happyyaoyao2009 as a result of articles published by the FrankenFlash project.

On June 22 2009 SOSFakeFlash issued the following alert on the internet to warn eBay members: zjlee08 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert – China. This eBay seller had sold over 3000 items of fake flash capacity, including the brand name Transcend. It was estimated that zjlee08 earned over $60,000 US. On July 16 2009, eBay suspended this seller id, leaving thousands of eBay members stranded. Read zjlee08 – Suspended After 3500 Buyers Frauded On eBay

When eBay suspends a seller, all listings are removed. Victims are not able to review the item they purchased. The details of the item vanish. This hides the sellers fraud and makes it difficult for many less experienced members to file a claim with PayPal. The FrankenFlash project views this behavior as aiding and abetting criminal activity.

Meanwhile, another eBay seller id was also selling false capacity memory cards, fengfeng_joy2008. Read fengfeng_joy2008 Ebay Fake Flash Seller High Alert – China

SOSFakeFlash asks victims of false capacity nand based technology to report in using their: Report A Fake tab. Victims are asked to provide seller addressing information. As a result they were able to connect the dots for another counterfeiting ring.


Ehong Xuxin

P.O. Box No. 97527
Hong Kong


Ehong Xuxin

P.O. Box No. 97527
Hong Kong

Also uncovered with the id fengfeng_joy2008:

Ms.Yan Na

Room823, GuoLi Building,
New Asia Mansion,
HuaqiangBei, Futian District,
ShenZhen, P.R.China 518000

Once more, it is clear that shipping of counterfeit flash nand technology is from Hong Hong with the “Controller” center being in China. Hong Kong is the conduit to unleash fake flash on the global public who continue to suffer data loss from these digitally altered memory cards, mp players and usb flash drives. SOSFakeFlash feels that little is being done by the Chinese Government to contain and stop the traffic. Profit rules. Damage to the global public is of little consequence. The noble ideals once held by the “revolution” are dust. A faint memory doomed to be nothing more than a footnote in history, the sacrifices made by many, for absolutely nothing. In refusing to address the problem, there is only one conclusion, China wants to enjoy the vices and weaknesses found in the western world.

Shame! Millions in China gave up so much and sacrificed. So that you would one day rush to become like us? Shame! For allowing the sale of data poison to continue!

Sold by zjlee08:

New 16GB SDHC SD High Quality Memory Card 16 GB 16GO
New 32GB SD SDHC Memory Card Secure Digital 32GO 32 GB

Sold by fengfeng_joy2008

New 32GB SDHC SD Secure Digital Memory Card 32GB 32 Go
16GB SD SDHC Secure Digital Memory Card 16Go 16 GB

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