We may have found a genuine 128GB Kingston on ebay Australia

Posted on July 10, 2009 by



This could possibly be the real thing. The seller states in the listing for this:
Most items take 1-2 days to deliver depending on location.
This is however, not a stocked item so please allow 5-7 days deliver.

This statement along with the fact that the price is not wildly below the RRP (so may be possible if the seller is only taking a very small profit margin) makes us think that there is a chance that this is a genuine 128GB flash drive. The big question here is whether the seller will get them in time to meet the planned delivery schedule. We think he could run into problem unless he ordered them as soon as they were announced as there is quite a waiting list.

We hope to find that the macmemex does manage to deliver and that they are genuine – if so we will put out the flags! We are sick to death of seeing fakes on ebay – it will be great if we have a genuine seller here!
Buyers will be able to check with Kingston to verify their flash drives are genuine as each one has an individual serial number.

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