Flash fraud is a big profit business in China

Posted on June 10, 2009 by


The sale of counterfeit USB flash drives (which are also fake capacity), generic fake capacity USB flash drive, fake capacity Media players, memory cards etc is big business in China both on ebay and elsewhere.

An example on ebay is seller beyboosry – in the 90 days prior to the seller’s feedback score plunging to 88.6% and listings ending (probably removed by ebay due to poor feedback score) this seller was doing rather nicely thank you by selling fake 64GB flash drives (all the same type just different colours of swivel cover) at impossibly low prices for a real 64GB flash drive. Most of them turned out to be 2GB so the seller made double what he would have done as a genuine seller. Amazingly he sold every single drive listed before the negs flooded in (450 in all) – just shows how little awareness there is among ebayers about the true cost of flash memory! How much did beyboosry make?

Items Sold: 100%
Total Value Sold: £8937.74
Total Value Shipping: £3085.50 (he made a natty profit on shipping at £5.99 per item!)
Total Value Not Sold: £0.00
Sold Item Fees: £135.00 (at 30p per item thanks to fee evasion by loading the postage)
Unsold Item Fees: £0.00

Don’t let fraudsters get away with it! Do your research before buying flash memory items. If the price looks too good to be true then it’s not true. Test all flash memory with h2testw as soon as it arrives.

If your purchase was made on ebay then report in to sosfakeflash with full details if you find it is fake capacity .