Should we laugh or cry when we see ebay listings like this?

Posted on June 7, 2009 by


thetonestarr An ebay member in the United States has listed a flash drive (supposedly a “64GB” Kingston flash drive) he was given by a friend.

We have seen a number of listings where someone lists a flash drive a “friend” gave them. Funnily enough it was often for helping the “friend” with a computer problem.

If this is true the seller is very incompetent at taking photos, and is probably no more competent than the friend in using computers! After all – what the seller says suggests that the “friend” had suspicions about the drive – why else would he or she have prized the case open?

Competent people test things (with flash memory the best way is using the free program h2testw) and realise that just saving a few files is not enough.

Someone recently said to me that you should have a licence to use a computer in the same way as you do to drive a car. I am beginning to think they are right!! The seller’s ID is not shown because we think this is a person that may be completely unaware of the fake flash problem. It has been posted as a warning to all sellers (whether selling one flash item or a thousand) that you should test with h2testw before selling ANY flash memory items. Similarly buyers should test them immediately they arrive – otherwise they are at risk of data loss.