390 eBay Sellers of Fake MP Players – USB Flash Memory Stick – Memory Cards Documented In SOSFakeFlash’s Report!

Posted on June 6, 2009 by


The FrankenFlash Project has just released a new edition of the fake flash sellers report on eBay! This report is one that victims have been patiently waiting for. There are 390 eBay sellers with almost 1,500 fake usb memory sticks, mp players and memory cards shown. It covers the period from April 2008 to May 2009.

To view the new report: Full Report Ebay 200804 – 200905 Counterfeit And Fake Memory Cards, MP Players, Flash Memory USB Pensticks Sold On eBay By Seller To Help You Recognize The Fakes

It is amazing what frauded buyers on eBay have been able to compile in 13 months of effort. If you don’t believe there is a problem on eBay this report will convince you otherwise. If you are a victim, you will want to see just how hard members on the SOSFakeFlash team have worked for you and what you as a victim can do and contribute.

From TechReporters at FakeFlashNews to all victims and SOSFakeFlash, well done!