Job lot of 18 fake 64GB Kingston listed on ebay Australia!!

Posted on May 25, 2009 by



What can we say about this other than FAKE FAKE FAKITY FAKE!!! Apart from the fact that the model shown is not made in capacities above 16GB (model shown appears to be 2GB – these are colour coded) You would pay more than this per unit for 64GB drives if you were buying wholesale!

We suspect that ds.02 is a new ID for a seller who bought from fraudulent wholesalers in China. We suspect this person sold a couple under another ID and ebayers discovered they were fakes. It seems to us that the seller is now trying to get at least some of the money lost back by dumping these on another ebayer.

If we are right then we hope this particular specimen of vermin gets banned from ebay at the very least! Hopefully no-one fell for this scam – but if you did – test them with h2testw to find the real capacity and report the seller to sosfakeflash, ebay, paypal, Kingston and the Australian police!

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