How Deep Is Fraud On eBay? The Case of itchee9888 aka itchee98 Ebay Fake Flash Seller

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How often you see words of Fraud! Scammers! Fraudsters! On eBay? The internet is drowning in information on the subject concerning eBay. People around the world are suffering at the hands of fake flash sellers on eBay. Fake Flash sellers are those who sell false capacity USB Flash Drives, MP Players and Memory cards. Some times referred to as counterfeit but most often as fake, these items harm eBay members who lose both money and precious information.

One of the base examples to illulstrate the problem on eBay around for more than five years is one eBay seller itchee98 who recently changed his id to itchee9888. This seller has been busy selling fakes for a long time. The first clear indication in this sellers feedback is in November 2007.

itchee9888-1stClearIndicationOf Fakes20071128

itchee9888 aka itchee98 also has a clear history of extortion, demanding buyers change their feedback to receive a refund when caught by an eBay member.

itchee9888-FB extortion

it also dates back as far as October 2007.

SOSFakeFlash has fought very hard along with eBay members to remove this seller. Here is the article they recently published at their site – which we are reprinting here. It presents a very clear picture of the problem on eBay and how eBay does little to address the issue head on. This story is repetitive of the many battles they have fought to remove fake flash sellers in an effort to clean up eBay from these dangerous devices. The profits these sellers make and the fees both eBay and PayPal collect from these dangerous items may explain why little is done or is likely to be done to stop the problem.

Recently released From eBay Fake Flash Prison the former eBay Fake Flash seller of USB Flash drives changed his id from itchee98 to itchee9888.

The itchee98 id has frauded thousands of eBayers since Autumn 2007. Current estimates are over $800,000 in earning for the 28 month period.

How many eBay members have been harmed? Only eBay and PayPal have the answers to that! SOSFakeFlash has only a fraction of the information. With eBayers, SOSFakeFlash and an army of volunteer Fake Flash Angels they joined forces in massive campaign to drive this seller out of eBay for good. eBay only suspended the seller a few times with short visits to the health spa at eBay Fake Flash Prison. Even fraudster need a little rest from their 24/7 listings to fraud eBay members.

SOSFakeFlash previously published:

Recently released under the makeover of an id change from itchee98 to itchee9888 he returned to his fake flash ways. To be expected. eBay just does not understand how addicted this fraudsters are. The recent return only proves once again fake flash seller rule eBay and not the other way around.

itchee9888 Caught in FB

Which model is that? The one being sold by so many id’s SOSFakeFlash has caught. The new catalogue for the first year of tracking is coming out soon. You will be able to see just how many eBay fake flash sellers sold it. Unfortunately the FrankenFlash project was engaged more in preventative actions and rescue missions for the first 7 months – everyone actually believed that eBay would take action and put a stop to it – with a little arm twisting.

Little did anyone know just what a nasty little weasel eBay could be. More interested in protecting fake flash sellers then members. Demonstrating little integrity and instead carrying out repeated attacks on the very members who tried to do something about the problem. Do you think these words are harsh? Ask victims and those who have participated in the FrankenFlash Project.

We see what eBay does not. The harm done to members both financially and in the loss of precious data and memories. You can not put a dollar sign to the latter. Did we mention, that we are also victims of fake flash sellers?

It goes on and on. itchee9888 aka itchee98 is a classic example.

So what happens now? Well SOSFakeFlash publishs this alert, shows all the models sold by itchee9888 aka itchee98 and eBay races to return the seller to eBay Fake Flash Prison. eBay will pull all listings of the seller so there is no evidence for members to inspect. Meanwhile new fake flash sellers will be happy to fill the void of itchee9888 aka itchee98.

eBay and PayPal have databases too and one day they will find court orders to have them made available. By not refunding so many eBay members and not contacting the victims of a seller to warn them and ensure they are given a refund it is the only possible direction. A smart eBay would hire people to go through all the records for sellers with the keyword “Fake” in feedback for these selling categories back to January 2008 at the very least and also merge data with PayPal disputes to start refunding people. It is not difficult to do, you can easily match known fakes and then match the listing titles to find all items. Tthose who were denied a refund with PayPal, should be immediately refunded by PayPal a very sincere apology. Finally eBay would ban the sale of these items on eBay until they can figure out how they would control and police the sale of such items. Will this be eBay’s course of action? SOSFakeFlash doesn’t think so.

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