Report of fake from Polish ebay seller has come in – to be confirmed

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A buyer who purchased this supposedly 16GB USB flash drive sold by ebayer bananus2008 has reported in with information that indicates this item is probably fake – the buyer provided test information from h2testw. We cannot yet confirm and put this in the database (our standards for checking items listed in the database are rigourous) but we strongly advise anyone who bought this drive to test with h2testw and report in using the “report a fake” tab on sosfakeflash.  As a minimum the frankenflash project requires your ID, seller ID, item number and test results. Any further information you can give about the seller helps our in our investigations and could help other ebayers a lot.

You should try to warn other buyers of the same item if you bought a fake. Tell the buyer where to get h2testw and to test the drive.  Ask them to report the item to sosfakeflash and leave a negative comment to warn other buyers. Say they should open a paypal dispute and direct them to the refund advice at sosfakeflash.  There are four main things that put a stop to fraudster activity on ebay:

  1. Warnings sent by victims to other ebayers alerting them in time for new victims to test and leave negative feedback for the seller
  2. Getting your item into the sosfakeflash database – evidence ebay cannot run away from
  3. Paypal and credit card claims to retreive money from fraudsters
  4. Reporting the item to ebay – but unfortunately this causes the evidence to vanish and can leave other victims not knowing where to turn.
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