Do not beleive screenshots showing flash drive properties!

Posted on May 5, 2009 by


The frankenflash project has noticed that sellers of fake flash drives sometimes show screenshots of drive properties shown by the operating system. This only shows what the control chip tells the operating system. Often this information is false. Control chips are easily programmed by fraudsters to show a fake capacity to the operating system. There are only two ways of checking whether flash memory is genuine or not:
1) fill the drive with files from your computer (do not move them – just copy them – otherwise you could lose them all!) then try to access the files – if you exceed the real capacity (usually less than 4GB) you will find the files are unusable. This is the hard way to test.

2) Download the program h2testw and test it with this. Unlike the above method (which is time consuming and often renders flash drives unuseable) this program does not destroy the drive unless the progamming was really bad!