Ebay Fake Flash Seller arifqammar – A Mystery In The Ukraine

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Our story of counterfeit Kingston Flash USB drives begins in the Ukraine. eBay Fake Flash Angels patrol looking for suspect listings. They warn members to test their items upon arrival to ensure they received receive genuine capacity prior to using. One seller that was suspected was arifqammar, registered in the Ukraine. He was selling a 32GB Kingston Flash drive, not made by Kingston. Naturally he got caught by SOSFakeFlash and an alert must be published.

Only things are not so cut and dry concerning arifqammar….

What may have started out as a warning prank against fake flash usb drives – changed. You see, arifqammar is a victim of fake flash purchases. He lost over $5000.

It is not unusual for a fake flash victim to auction off their fake on eBay – as a warning! Usually the story comes with the drive and where it was purchased from, the fake flash pedigree. Of course the person selling hopes people get the message and will not buy it -putting a FrankenFlash drive from eBay to good use. We’ve been told a lot of people don’t read the details properly and bid away. So the poor victim, now seller has a difficult time explaining, a lot of work but part of educating members to be careful. Mind you, some people actually do want to buy a genuine fake – intrigued to know what they are!

It seems this is how fake flash victim arifqammar, now fake flash seller started out. How did it all begin?

arifqamma began listing:

16GB memory stick Sale Sale Sale fake Item number: 130273456451

arifqammar - listing

Inside he clearly stated:

This is just an information not a product!

it cost me 20p to put this information online and i lost 5000$ in buying frompeople from hongkong and china.i am not saying all of them are fake but most of them are either 2 , 4 or 8GB.so please be careful before buying and positive feedback really doesnt mean that it is really 16GB.some people just open USB and put feed back,they should save 15.9GB information in USB and them put feedback……

never shop from www.mdltrade.cn



He then tacked on negative feedback from known fake flash eBay sellers: henseller and chendimz


So far he as not broken any rules and the warnings are crystal clear. Yes, some people bought the listings but most only sold for a few dollars. Genuine fakes do not command high prices.

Soon he listed Kingston 32GB drives:

32GB Kingston USB memory Stick 2.0 4GB Item number: 130277117450


Inside he clearly stated:


Once more arifqammar didn’t break any rules, he shows in the title 4GB and he explains what the packaging shows and what the real capacity is. He make it clear that anyone who buys will get a 4GB flash drive that is marked as a 32GB Kingston Datatraveller. A society status, or your very own genuine Kingston Datatraveller fake!

Yes a few people bought. Some paid little, others as much as £16.00

Then suddenly something happened to arifqammar. From a victim fake flash buyer turned seller of fakes with warnings, he became real fake flash seller! He changed his white gown and halo for pointy horns and a pitch fork – he joined the “dark” side!

32GB USB memory Stick Detatraveler Item number: 130289383667



And so arifqammar was caught by SOSFakeFlash and the eBay Fake Flash Angels. This drive was tested and it was not 4GB as claimed in early fake 32 Kingston listings – all three on record were only 2GB.

Obviously eBay members began filing disputes with Paypal. arifqammar ran to make his feedback private.

arifqammar fb goes private

This means no one can see his feedback. No one can see his listings. So he thought. The FrankenFlash Project is about preserving the evidence and investigating.

No one knows why he did this. Was it his intention from the begining to become a true fake flash seller on eBay, or was the temptation just too great? It is a question that is not yet answered. What matters to the project is that he harmed his fellow eBayers.

Any victim of fake flash who decided to bond with fake flash sellers (Stockholm Syndrome) and join the dark side will risk becoming a Fake Flash News Story.

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