eBay Ignores Issue of Fake USB Pendrives – Investigated Seller calltimtim Allowed to Unleash Yet Another Wave On eBay Members

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It is no secret that eBay prefers to shelter sellers of false capacity flash devices such as MP Players, Memory cards and usb flash drives. After all these sellers generate a lot of revenue for eBay. Imagine just how much money they have made since the problem began back in 2003. Until recently, both seller and eBay lived in fake flash profit paradise. eBay members are fed up and began to take action starting in the spring of 2008. Did eBay address the problem? Not really. If a seller was caught and negatives poured in in feedback, eBay forced a temporary suspension as a deregister, to allow the sellers score to cool off. A perfect example of this? Fake Flash seller, calltimtim.

calltimtim investigated by SOSFakeFlash, sold fake (false capacity) 32GB usb flash pendrives on eBay. An alert was issued on the internet on October 30th, 2008. See Alert – calltimtim – Ebay Fake Flash Seller

Like most sellers of these dangerous flash drives (data loss once you exceed the real capacity) this seller was forced into deregistering for a short period of time. eBayers discovered the awful truth and began pounding on doors of eBay and Paypal. After a little insincere spanking from eBay, two months later at the end of December 2008 calltimtim tip toed back.

On February 6th, 2009 calltimtim began to list 16GB usb flash drives. This time with a little twist, stating there are

Capacity : 16GB (Made out of 2 x 8GB Nand Flash enables users to store more than ever)

The FrankenFlash Project is not inclined to believe calltimtim. Why?

The auction for one drive is listed as:

drive 1 auction

and if you scroll down the listing you will see the drive in more detail.

details On drive 1

It would appear that in calltimtim’s rush to feed his fake flash profit addition he is slipping. This drive does not have the typical “sticker” but is stamped clearly 8GB. We doubt there is a photo mix up here. It is more likely this seller will sing the “opphsy a defective one” if caught by an eBay buyer. Or try techno babble on a buyer who is not super tech savvy.

Have a look at the other two models offered – note that one of them is them is the twin of the 32GB fakes he offered in the past. Also we have information on testing and reporting to us.

Here are the other models currently being offered:

drive 2 auction

drive 2 details

This drive is easy to open. You can quickly see if there are really two flash drive chips and one controller chip inside. What did you find? We would be very interested to know.

drive 3 auction

details on drive 3

Do we believe that calltimtim is now selling true 16GB usb flash drives? No. Are we being hard and unfair? No. Even if this seller is willing to sell 16GB drives for an average price of $20US with free shipping – who sells to lose money? Should the drives be good, the fact is, what about all the other eBay members who bought his 32GB fakes? Did calltimtim contact them and offer them refunds? All of them? And apologize? You can guess what the answers are.

What is beyond anyone’s understanding is how eBay can permit a seller who sold such items, to remain on eBay? Is there anyone who actually works at eBay? Are there more then five employees behind the operation? Or is eBay as addicted to the money these sellers generate in fees? eBay is making about .70 US for each of these items sold. We don’t know what Paypal makes on each one. But is .70 cents the going price for data loss?

If you bought a drive from calltimtim please test it immediately. See H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives If you have a fake please report it to sosfake flash immediately. See Report A Fake

If you really found you have a 16GB flash drive after testing with H2testw we want to hear from you.

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