eBay Tries To Cover Up And Contain Sale of Fake and Counterfeit MP Players Memory Cards USB Flash Drives In Reponse To Growing Pressure

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eBay tries to evade taking responsibility for fake (false capacity) MP Players, Memory Cards and USB Flash drives sold  on eBay. The pressure from members fed up with the sale of these devices has escalated. Victims continue to report to SOSFakeFlash, they are also warning other buyers. Traffic to the websites under the FrankenFlash Project is growing. Referrals from forums is increasing daily, especially to  the main site: SOSFakeFlash.wordpress.com.

Quietly on tip toe, eBay is trying to shut down these fraudulent sellers. Little choice now. The sunny days of fake flash profits for eBay, Sellers and Paypal are gone. eBay members have gathered to wrap all three in dark and stormy clouds.

In early January 2009 an eight month catalogue was released for public review at SOSFakeFlash. Reports coming in indicate eBay is actually warning buyers not to complete transactions with identified sellers – but often far too late. Members who have complained or have been “preselected” for special handling in the UK have been given a special telephone number to call in the UK; eBay has extended their working hours in that region of the world.

Interesting. Why are they so afraid in the UK? They aren’t ramping up with similar actions in other parts of the eBay world. Are they foolishly assuming that this is where the main protest is coming from? That the project headquarters are there?
We have news for Ebay – we are as global in our presence as are you.

SOSFakeFlash is also seeing the return of “hush money” or “bribery” – eBay special vouchers being offered to sooth ruffled feathers. This has occured previously in the USA for high profile members. It is clear that eBay is now reacting to the issue they preferred to ignore since 2003. But are they reacting in the way they should? In an ethical manner? The FrankenFlash Project says, NO!

If they finally have awakened from the joys of fake flash fee slumber to discover they have a pending nightmare approaching – they would contact all buyers for each and every confirmed fake flash seller. They would warn the victims not to use these devices as they are dangerous to data and files. They would immediately refund the full purchase price and also extend abject and most humble apologies to buyers. They would not be attacking members who have been doing their work for them. The Fake Flash Angels warn buyers to test their devices, set up eBay warnings, counsel victims and shepard them to SOSFakeFlash for self help, further education and assistence.

eBay may be sweeping fake flash sellers under the carpet, rubbing ointment into buyer irritation but they are burning Fake Flash Angels at the stake – punishment for bringing the issue to the to eBay members and the public at large.

It is no secret that since Fake Flash Angels began their quiet and not so quiet work inside of eBay, prices for fake flash devices – specifically usb flash drives have dropped significantly. Typical fake flash usb drives of 16GB that once commanded a price of $30 US have recently sold for as little as $.99 with a higher shipping fee as an offset. 32GB usb flash drives (no name brand) don’t command very high prices either. You can guess why the profits have dropped. It is not due to general market prices falling for these capacities, it is because the war raging inside of eBay against these items escalated since the fall of 2008. Fake Flash Angels whether directly associated with the FrankenFlash Project or freelance independents – have been rounding up fake flash sellers, dragging them to the spotlight of public view. Not something these fraudsters enjoy, not what eBay wants and not what Paypal wants.

The Project asks these questions:

  • Just how many eBayers have been victims of a fake flash purchase since 2003?
  • How many eBay members lost information they could not recover?
  • How much money does this compute to?
  • Can one put a $ value to the data and information people have lost?
  • Why did eBay and PayPal close their eyes and ears for so many years?
  • Why did both companies persist in ignoring people who began reporting to eBay and PayPal since the spring of 2008? These people emailed. They called in by telephone. Victims who tried to claim and explain to either or both companies have stacks of emails.
  • Why did both companies choose not to take notice when the first sites for the FrankenFlash Project began appearing in early fall of 2008? They had the opportunity to react then. They did not. References to the sites appear in feedback, and in emails sent by members to these companies.
  • How much evidence was necessary to force ebay into action? SOSFakeFlash had made it very clear that evidence was being collected. The first pdf mug shot report was made available to the public on September 3rd, 2008.
  • Was it the fact that SOSFakeFlash decided to publish all flash drives offered by a seller investigated, that made it clear the Project was NOT bluffing?

Master Report Ebay Fake Flash USB Drives – Memory Cards – MP Players 200804 – 200812 – To Help You Recognize The Fakes