SOSFakeFlash Announces A New Policy On Issuing Alerts For Fake Flash Sellers Caught on eBay Using Private Auctions

Posted on January 4, 2009 by


Effective immediately, any seller confirmed selling a fake usb flash drive, MP Player or flash memory card on eBay and who uses PRIVATE AUCTION Listings (a violation of eBay’s intent for this auction category) will not only have the confirmed counterfeit item presented in an alert – but also any other flash device recently sold.

The use of private auctions to escape detection by eBay and also it’s members has been escalating. To assist victims of these sellers, SOSFakeFlash will now present both investigated items and those not yet confirmed. Private auctions allows the seller to hide the item sold from public view once the auction completes and a buyer leaves feedback.

No one should consider buying any flash device on eBay that is listed as a Private Auction – unless the value of the item exceeds $100 to $150 US.

Report any listings for usb flash drives, MP Players or flash memory that use this kind of auction to eBay immediately when the value of the item is below the price range we have mentioned. It does not matter whether or not a confirmed fake is on record with us.

If you are a victim of a private auction and have confirmed this with testing – see H2testw 1.4 – Gold Standard In Detecting USB Counterfeit Drives

You should:

1. Report your fake immediately to SOSFakeFlash (see report a fake tab at SOSFakeFlash)

2. Leave immediate negative feedback – even before filing a dispute or filing a claim. In your feed back put:

Fake xxGB! (where XX is the size) xxxxxxxxxxxxxx (the ebay item number) See Fraud! Devious!

so it can be seen by all eBay members as:

Fake xxGB! xxxxxxxxxxxxxx See Fraud! Devious!

It will also highlight to eBay a serious devious fake flash seller is on the loose. eBay appears more likely to address these sellers as the guilt is obvious. Your negative feedback is needed quickly to help them and other members. Do not assume that by withholding your feedback you will be more likely to get a refund. Experience shows this does not increase your chances. Do not allow yourself to be blackmailed into leaving positive feedback to receive your refund or only on condition that you remove your negative. This only creates more victims, removes the evidence and makes you a victim once more bowing to the wishes of a fake flash seller.