Alert! Seller wusimz identified as selling fake flash

Posted on December 31, 2008 by


Seller wusimz has been on ebay since 14-Nov-08 in China and to date has almost entirely positive feedback. Intially this seller started with what may have been genuine 2GB flash drives then in mid December switched to selling fake 16GB drives. One model sold has been tested and shown to be a fake capacity drive. Here are pictures of the model:



Another model which we do not yet have test results for is a blatent fake – It is obvious from the large picture of the drive in the main body of the listing that it is a re-programmed 2GB Kingston flash drive being sold as a 16GB drive. Kingston drives of the type shown are colour coded according to capacity – green are 2GB whereas 16GB are dark red!


It is very likely that all drives being currently sold by wusimz are fake capacity. If you bought a 16GB flash drive from this seller do not store any data on it unless you can confirm that it is a genuine 16GB drive by testing it with h2testw.

If it fails the test and you confirm you have a false capacity drive (fake) please send your results along with the seller ID and item number to

Use your test results as evidence to file a paypal dispute and claim a refund. You should also report the seller to ebay.