Another 120GB fake being sold in the UK

Posted on December 21, 2008 by


Another 120GB drive was advertised by a UK seller on Ebay in  mid December.  The seller had 100 of these drives and initially I thought he might be an innocent victim of fake flash because he withdrew a listing on 15th December. It now seems he is not so innocent after all.  If you bought a flash drive from ravrehal0113 you should test it with h2testw immediatlely and report the seller to ebay, paypal and the police. The seller is well aware that the drives are fake capacity but hoped to get away with a disclaimer – here is the wording of the listing:

SONY VAIO 120GB USB 2.0 Memory Pen Drive
With a massive 120 GB storage – the USB device is clearly visible from the pictures and I’ve included shots pretty much from every angle. I’ve also included a screen shot from Windows showing the USB drive to have 117GB of free storage.
I’ve come into possession of 100 of these units. I’ve tested the device and put info on them and working fine – but I’m selling it as a novelty item.  I can’t guarantee the unit or the  storage capacity. However, the devices do look the business and work. 
They’ll make great gifts for Christmas.
NB: Some will come with blister packaging showing in the pictures other will not (I’ve got 76 units with blister packaging with 24 without)

The packaging of the item is a giveaway – many fakes with similar packaging to this were sold a while back and now seem to be re-surfacing on the UK market. If you see drives with similar packaging (see image below) appearing on Ebay please contact the seller/s and ask them to test the drives with ht2testw for their own protection. In the UK the law is quite strict, if  people sell fraudulent items they are  liable to be prosecuted. In this case (as the drive is branded as Sony Viao) there are two potential offences the seller could be charged with:

  • Selling counterfeit items (because of the brand name) 
  • Ordinary fraud (because of the fake capacity)

This seller could possibly face a prison sentence  if  buyers report him to the police.