eBay Fake SanDisk 8GB CF EXTREME III Memory Card CompactFlash – Anatomy of a Counterfeit Flash Card Exposed

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Counterfeit scandisk 8GB CF EXTREME III Memory Cards have been detected on eBay. The Fraud by eBay seller, bazaarus has been reported to scandisk. RickThePhotoGuy led an investigation after having been sold a fake. Proceeding with caution, he contacted other members who bought the same card to verify if the memory card was truly a fake. Close to 30 eBayers responded, confirming they had received a fake.

The card

Can you tell the fake from the genuine card?

RickThePhotoGuy has documented the counterfeit memory card in detail to help you spot it.


I contacted SanDisk – they asked for photos, which I provided. These enabled SanDisk to verify the cards are fake. No serial numbers, fake decal, wrong metal plate, bad logo. Sandisk provided a case ID number.

Here is the comparision of the Genuine “SanDisk 8GB CF EXTREME III Memory Card CompactFlash ” to the fake one currently being sold on eBay.

How to tell a counterfeit Sandisk Extreme III fake from a real card.

1. Serial Number


The fake is on the left. The real one is on the right.



2.Card Back


The fake is on the left. The real one is on the right.



3.Card Front

The card3

The fake is on the left. The real one is on the right.

Let’s review the clues to help you spot the fake card using the the card front. You can generally spot in a retail store as you can inspect the packaging and turn it about to check for a serial number. If you buy on the internet it is not so obvious.


The photo presented to you could be a picture of a genuine card! Take for example, the picture used by bazaarus to sell on ebay. In the case of this seller, it is a little more confusing. The photo doesn’t resemble either the genuine card or the fake!

This can make things difficult when verifying with a manufacturer’s site. Sellers often do not use the actual photo but rummage for a “stock” photo from some where.

If you have problems with your SanDisk 8GB CF EXTREME III Memory Card CompactFlash, do the following comparison.







If you have purchased a scandisk 8GB CF EXTREME III Memory Card CompactFlash, that matches the fake RickThePhotoGuy has documented and that doesn’t hold the advertised capacity, please report to sandisk immediately!

You can see RickThePhotoGuy’s images also at http://flickr.com/search/?q=counterfeit+sandisk

What does RickThePhotoGuy have to say about his experience of buying fake flash from ebay seller -bazaarus?

PayPal found in my favor on the counterfeit complaint and provided a refund. I was credited in full for the item plus shipping. However, the seller then started the procedure for a non-paying bidder complaint! I hope he actually finishes and files it. I can prove payment, so he’ll get hailed for auction fraud. I hope. Like eBay would ever do anything to hurt their bottom line.

According to SOSFakeFlash, when PayPal refunds a buyer of fake flash, eBay sellers often use this tactic against the eBay member. Not nice. Since sellers are no longer able to retaliate with negative feedback against a buyer, they are finding other ways to be spiteful and shamefully attempt to reclaim their listing fees. Unfortunately this sours the “buying experience” of the eBay member even further. Younger eBay members either close their eBay accounts or go dormant no longer bidding or buying. Older members are annoyed and ready to step into the boxing ring for another round with the fake flash seller.

To see more counterfeit memory drives, visit http://flickr.com/search type in counterfeit and the brand name of your memory card.

For example: counterfeit sandisk or fake sandisk

You will find information at this site with photos documenting fake flash.

Update April 4th, 2009 – Visit these sites for additional information: