SOSFakeFlash Receive Lastest Information On Fake Flash Devices Automatically

Posted on November 22, 2008 by


Be Informed automatically on the subject of Fake Flash devices by subscribing to It is a good idea to book mark the site, but you can find out automatically if there is a new article or comment!

All you need is a recent browser. Follow these easy steps to stay in touch and be notified without having to visit the site to see if there is something new!


If you see


You have a browser that can receive an RSS Feed.

Go to the Left Column Menu:


If you want to have posts, click on Entries.


The next time you open your browser and there is something new, you will get a message in your browser. You can then visit the site to get the details.

Do subscribe to comments, repeat by click on the comments and subscribe. It is that easy!

The neat thing is that you will also have a list of articles published, comments too that you can easily jump to at the site.

It saves a lot of time. There is a alot of information that comes out.

There are times when the team goes into data entry mode and email responding – when that happens we can’t write a lot of articles. We are busy collecting information for the next series and helping those who write to us.

The comments are important to subscribe to. Find out immediately what others have to say – what they report – instantly! You might like to add to their comment or even answer it if it is a question and you know something about it.

You can also have your personal archive. If your browser can accept RSS feeds, you are in business. Our example shows the Opera Browser. We find that Opera is great in it’s behavior for notifying.