Kingston now offers 32GB and 64GB Flash Drives – DataTraveler 150

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Until recently the largest capacity usb flash drive offered by Kingston Technology was 16GB – now released are 32GB and 64GB models in the economical price range. The DataTraveler 150 is advertised as “Affordability meets high capacity”.

This is wonderful news for consumers who trust in the Kingston brand.

DataTraveler 150

To see the current retail prices offered by this manufacturer:



To see the specifications

Please google on “DataTraveler 150” to search for reputable internet sellers. Especailly the price range for these models.

The arrival of the 32GB and 64GB models is happy news – but as with other DataTraveler models, it will not be long before someone attempts to offer counterfeits. Be careful about the true retail prices available – if you see any “cut rate prices” much below what respected internet sellers offer the drives for, be wary.

If you buy on eBay – SOSFakeFlash advises caution. Research the retail prices offered. Visit Kingston Technologies to examine the true drives in the DataTraveler 150 series and the prices (subject to change and decrease over time) to determine what you should or could expect to pay. Do not expect to find the “Real DataTraveler 150’s” at $30 or $40! Don’t become a fake flash victim – take the time to research the drive you wish to buy, it is worth the effort.

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